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We specialise in transforming loving memories into ​layered paper portraits. Our studio is dedicated to ​capturing the essence of your most precious moments ​with intricate paper artistry.

Whether you're commemorating a milestone event, ​celebrating family bonds, or honoring beloved pets, our ​skilled artists work closely with you to bring your vision to ​life. From delicate paper cutting to intricate layering ​techniques, we turn your memories into stunning works of ​art that will be treasured for generations.

Preserve your most loving memories with Paper portrait
A perfect customized gift, a Paper Cutting Portrait for your loved ones.

Each portrait is meticulously crafted by hand, ​ensuring attention to all the details and a ​truly unique personalised touch.

You can also order any custom sizes as per ​your requirements.

260 x 210 mm

For single person or a couple

292 x 394 mm

For couple or a family of three

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Let us transform your cherished memories by ​crafting some magic for you. | +91 96383 93147

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